Caran d'Ache Red Metal Pencil Sharpener

194,42 CHF


Caran d'Ache Red Metal Pencil sharpener

Caran d’Ache now includes the emblematic sharpening machine in its signature red colour in its standard collection.

Created in 1933, the celebrated accessory has transcended the years and reinvented itself. Its precision, robustness and cult design continue to delight generations of pencil-lovers looking for the ideal sharpening tool.
Dressed in red, this edition offers a colourful alternative to the grey sharpening machine already available in the standard collection.

This vibrant yet elegant colour transforms the desks of anyone who loves attractive objects


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EAN-code 7630002349222
Marke Caran d'Ache
Farbe Rot
Weight 1,160
Produkt Bleistift
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