Diplomat Excellence A Mitternachtsblau CT

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Diplomat Excellence A Midnight Blue CT

The Diplomat Excellence A Midnight Blue CT is a sophisticated and stylish writing instrument that combines elegance with exceptional craftsmanship. With its rich Midnight Blue finish and chrome trim, this pen exudes a sense of class and refinement. The CT (Chrome Trim) adds a touch of contrast, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. The pen features a comfortable grip and a smooth twist-action mechanism, ensuring a seamless writing experience. The Diplomat Excellence A Midnight Blue CT is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and seek a reliable and fashionable writing tool. Elevate your writing experience with this exceptional pen.


Weitere Informationen
Marke Diplomat
Farbe Blau
Länge geschlossener Stift (mm) 139
Durchmesser (mm) 14
Akzente Chrom
Mechanismus Nicht anwendbar
Farbe der Tinte Nicht anwendbar
Garantie (Jahre) 2
Weight 25
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